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The Perfume Magazine: Summer Issue- Finding Your Second Skin

Posted on August 25th, by What Men Should Smell Like in The Perfume Magazine. 6 comments

The summer issue of The Perfume Magazine is out, making me realise how fast this year is slipping away. I remember planning a summer holiday in Europe at the start of the year and thinking that it seemed so far away. Now the European summer is almost at its end and thankfully winter here is closing its doors for another year. In the coming months I am looking forward to the Australian summer, which is when Sydney comes alive.

This issue I wrote a piece about the scent of skin. I continually hear and read people discussing skin scents, a term that has become a bit of a buzz word over the past few years. Either a fragrance is filled with stinky smells known as animalics or subtle perfume layerings often referred to as a skin scent; modern fragrances containing minimal notes that are marketed as playing off your own body chemistry to create a unique and subtle scent. I’m not sure I believe in these statements. I’m more inclined to believe these fragrances are illusions of the scent of skin. Synthetic musks, animal notes and spices all contribute towards creating the ideal of what human skin should smell like.

Below is the link to the … Read More »

The Perfume Magazine: June Issue- Exploring Masculinity in Perfume

Posted on June 13th, by What Men Should Smell Like in The Perfume Magazine. 6 comments

The idea for my article in this month’s Perfume Magazine came to me during a weekend French lesson. I’ve enrolled myself into French speaking bootcamp in preparation for a trip to Grasse in September. Last year I made a pact with myself sitting in the dome brasserie of Printemps that the next time I go to France, I would be speaking conversational French. So less than three months to go before I return to France and so far I can comfortably order a glass of wine. Needless to say I am not sure how I will go conversing with French perfumers on the finer points of perfume!  I guess the wonderful thing about perfume is that is smells great in any language.

As I explored the gender of words in French language, I began to think of gender in perfume. Department store sales people still seem hung up on it and as a man browsing in the female perfume section it is always the first question they ask, “Are you buying a gift?” This is their polite way of saying, “Do you realise you are browsing in the women’s area?” I’ve given up explaining that I also wear women’s perfume as … Read More »

The Perfume Magazine: Italian Issue- The Tailored Scent

Posted on May 1st, by What Men Should Smell Like in The Perfume Magazine. 2 comments

Last month Milan hosted its annual Esxence event, which gathers some of the world’s most talented perfumers and industry frontrunners. The Perfume Magazine was involved as a Web Media Partner and Chief In Editor, Raphaella Barkley and Managing Editor, Mark David Boberick were there to report on all the event news. This month’s issue is an excellent read- I particularly enjoyed Mark David Boberick’s interview with blogger turned author, Denyse Beaulieu, following the launch of her book, The Perfume Lover.

For those contributors, like myself, who couldn’t make it to Milan, we decided to stay in theme and I have written a piece on men’s tailoring and fragrance in Italy.

Check out this issue, not just for what I have written but for the news from Esxence : )

Happy reading- Clayton

The Perfume Magazine: Spring Issue- India and the Modern Man

Posted on March 31st, by What Men Should Smell Like in The Perfume Magazine. 2 comments

For those living in the north end of the globe, spring has arrived. Here in the south, autumn is slowly setting in after what has been for many of us a very average summer.  This month’s edition of The Perfume Magazine welcomes spring with talk of fresh blooms and colour. Managing Editor, Mark David Broderick has written the spring issue’s cover story looking at a new perfume project that recently launched; the collaboration between stellar perfumer Betrand Duchaufour and Neela Vermeire, the project’s owner and director. Vermeire wanted to create a range of perfumes inspired by her Indian heritage. Her three fragrances reference three distinct eras in Indian history, the ancient Vedic period, the Mogul and British Raj period and more recently the urban glamour of Bollywood cinema. Bertrand Duchaufour’s previous work for brand’s such as L’Artisan Parfumeur have often carried a theme of travel so the pairing of Duchaufour and Vermeire seems like a natural harmony between two creative minds. I have not smelt this collection yet as it is under limited distribution but I am very keen to discover it.

To link with the cover story I wrote an article for the spring issue on three fragrances that can … Read More »

The Perfume Magazine: March Issue- Fashion and Fragrance

Posted on February 24th, by What Men Should Smell Like in The Perfume Magazine. 8 comments

I always find it interesting to question other men on the fragrance they have chosen to wear. More often than not their choice has no connection to their choices in fashion. It is not to say I think it should. It is just interesting from a marketing point of view; many fashion brand’s perfume businesses exist independently of the brand’s original activity. For example, how many Terre d’Hermes wearers have set foot inside an Hermes boutique to buy leather goods? And how many Cartier Declaration wearers own a Cartier watch? Again, not that I think they should, but if the wearers of these scents have no interest in the brand’s other activities, why did they purchase the perfume? Does smell transcend branding- if it smells good, they want it? Did these men have no input into their perfume, receiving it as a Christmas or birthday gift? What is the emotional value men place on the brand they choose to buy into? Is it even important for men to feel that the perfume brand connects to their lifestyle choices. Surely there is some truth to this, otherwise David Beckham wouldn’t have his name on a perfume bottle. For those men who … Read More »

The Perfume Magazine: Winter Issue Part Two/A Renaissance of Leather

Posted on January 27th, by What Men Should Smell Like in The Perfume Magazine. 6 comments

In this month’s edition of The Perfume Magazine I chose to write about leather. I decided on this theme following the release of 2012 perfume trend predictions by Bell Flavours and Fragrances which includes leather. Their top 10 is:

1. Ginger Orchid

2. Orange Flower

3. Tart Guava

4. Gold Amber

5. Green Pear

6. Spicy Bergamot

7. Root Beer

8. Pink Pepper

9. Leather

10. Tomato Leaf

Having written about leather on What Men Should Smell Like, I decided to explore the theme a little further.

You can find this month’s article using the following link:

I mention some of my favourites of the genre and as a follow on I have written detailed reviews of some retro favourites, Chanel’s Antaeus, Guerlain’s Derby and Helmut Lang’s Cuiron.

On my leather post last year, D.K suggested I try Knize Ten. It’s unavailable here in Australia but I will try to find a bottle the next time I am traveling. My current obsession is Chanel’s Cuir de Russie. I was considering a vintage bottle. A recent Ebay auction I was watching went for US$691 for an unopened bottle, produced circa the 1940s. So it seems I am not the only fan. The Les Exclusifs relaunch is still by no means a consolation, which I think … Read More »

The Perfume Magazine: Winter Issue Part One/Four Scents for the Australian Summer

Posted on December 31st, by What Men Should Smell Like in The Perfume Magazine. 12 comments

After a serendipitous chain of emails with The Perfume Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Raphaella Barkley, I was asked to contribute to the magazine as a writer. This was a request I gladly obliged having been a reader and fan of it’s current incarnation and the previous Sniffapalooza Magazine. Although this edition is The Winter Issue, I decided to write a piece on summer scents. This morning I went for a walk along Sydney’s Bronte and Tamarama Beaches. I stopped along the way for a mango soy smoothie and watched some beach volley ball. Summer was a bit slow coming, but I am happy to confirm, summer has finally arrived here in Sydney!

Happy New Year everyone and if you would like to read my article on The Perfume Magazine, here is the link:

See you in 2012 x



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