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What Men Should Smell Like is a project I began in 2011. A catalyst for starting this blog was the realization that the often-untold story behind a perfume is as fascinating as the perfume itself. Like any good book, a good perfume will captivate the attention of those who come in contact with it. Perfume’s words are the raw materials gathered from the far reaches of the globe and the perfumer or Nose is responsible for arranging them as poetic prose. As a book collector is passionate about collecting books, my passion is for collecting perfume. I purchased my first bottle growing up in New Zealand during the early 1990s; it was Yves Saint Laurent’s Pour Homme. The following year I discovered Chanel’s Antaeus and I still wear both today. This perfume blog is my personal account of the perfumes I collect and the people I meet along this journey of discovery. I hope you will enjoy my stories.


Clayton Ilolahia is an Australian based perfume collector and writer. Educated in New Zealand, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in visual arts before migrating to Australia. It was there his interest in the visual arts broadened to olfactory arts following a serendipitous encounter with the world of niche perfumery in 2004. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia and his interests include perfume, art, photography and travel.

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