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Puredistance Black 17.5ml Flacon - image provided by Puredistance

Puredistance Black 17.5ml Flacon – image provided by Puredistance

This month Puredistance has presented its latest extrait de parfum, BLACK.

Created by perfumer Antoine Lie, who is known for his subversive creations with houses such as Etat Libre d’Orange, Comme des Garcons and Nu_Be; Lie has designed a perfume for Puredistance around the concept of mystery, elegance and subtlety. BLACK has been designed to wear close to the skin. By this I mean the diffusivity of the scent throws only a short distance from its wearer. The sensual nature of this style of perfume is that others perceive it only when they enter within an intimate radius of the wearer. Adding to this sensuality, the notes are designed to unravel in layers that whisper softly instead of shouting their presence. Perhaps the most mysterious approach to sharing this new perfume with the world is Puredistance’s decision not to reveal the notes of BLACK. The company’s owner, Jan Ewoud Vos encourages his audience to “envision, smell, and feel. Don’t analyse.”

Without any olfactory roadsigns of a perfume pyramid to guide me through the experience of BLACK, I approached the scent with thoughts of what the word, and concept symbolise to me. As a word, black has many associations. Etymology suggests black is derived from ancient languages that used similar words to communicate “darkness”, or “to burn, scorch and gleam.” Black is connected to ancient words for ink; no doubt because these inks were the result of mixing burnt materials with animal glue and resins. Even today, black is the preferred colour for writing, and although I describe black as a colour, depending on whom you talk to, black is the result of either blending all primary colours together or it is also the result of no colour at all, it is the absence of light. This seemingly contradictory statement is part of the mystery of black. From the Middle Ages, black gained its association with magic, illusion and witchcraft. As new dyes were discovered, black came into fashion, afforded only by royals and aristocracy that could afford garments coloured with these expensive new dyes. In today’s fashion world, black is indispensable, a symbol of timeless chic, from men’s “black tie” to a woman’s “little black dress.” In perfume, black is word that is often used to evoke the mystical nature of scent and how it flirts with our subconscious. Lancome’s Magie Noire uses black to conjure an emotion of spells and dark magic, a potion to capture the hearts of men who fall under its spell. Tom Ford’s perfumes often feature the word “black” or “noir” in their titles, “I love the colour black, it is elegant and luxurious. It is the colour of mystery,” says the American designer. Bvlgari’s interpretation of black harks back to the word’s origin and explores the odour of burning rubber. From the classical perfumes of Caron to the modern Serge Lutens, black is an eternal theme in perfumery.

Puredistance’s approach to this primordial theme is a perfume that dances in shadows. Soft and textural, it feels like perfumed velvet, wrapped around a crystal well of jet black ink. I enjoy BLACK’s dry herbaceous opening, which to my nose is also charged with fiery black pepper. A layer of ripe dark fruit gently unfolds and a cocktail of violet hued ionones carry the nose to the base of the perfume, which is where the soul of BLACK is truly revealed. Woods are blended with patchouli and vetiver; musk and sweet resins lock the scent to skin. Although the beginning the of the fragrance reads dry and cool, BLACK evolves into a warm mix of velvety woods, sweetened with the scent of honey.

The Giveaway – 5 sample vials of BLACK:

As the notes of BLACK remain a mystery, the best way to explore this new perfume by Puredistance is to smell it. Puredistance are offering five What Men Should Smell Like readers the opportunity to do just this. If you would to have the chance to win a 2ml sample vial of BLACK, leave a comment below and I will randomly draw five names. The conditions of entry are:

  • You need to follow Puredistance on Facebook or Twitter in order to receive your prize https://www.facebook.com/Puredistancehttps://twitter.com/puredistance
  • The draw will close on Dec 2 and winners will be announced in the comments of this post on Dec 3, Australian time (I recommend ticking the box “notify me of follow-up comments by email” when you submit your entry by commenting- this way you will be emailed my response on the 3rd with the list of 5 winners)
  • When I announce the winners I will also include my email address, which winners can use to contact me with a postal address
  • A sample will be sent to each winner from Puredistance directly (please note I am not responsible for non-delivery or lost packages)
  • This prize draw is open to readers in all countries
  • If you wish to alert friends you think will be interested in this prize draw, please use the hashtags #wmssl #pdblack on Facebook and Twitter
  • Good luck!


36 Responses to “Puredistance BLACK with #pdblack giveaway”

  1. hajusuuri says:

    Hello Clayton,

    Happy Boxing Day to you!

    I received the sample of Black from Puredistance…how appropriate that it came in a black padded envelope! I haven’t done a proper wearing of it yet and will report back when I do.

    Thanks for hosting the draw and to Puredistance for their generosity.


    • Lean S says:

      Ah thanks for the reminder, hajusuuri. I received mine as well. It was certainly packaged nicely. Thank you again, Clayton, for hosting the giveaway.

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      Fantastic :) Just in time for Christmas too. It was my pleasure hosting the prize draw. Enjoy!!

  2. What Men Should Smell Like says:

    Thanks to everyone for your entries into the prize draw.

    The five winners drawn at random are:
    - Damir
    - Tara
    - Lyn
    - Hajusuuri
    - Lean S

    Congratulations winners, I’ve emailed you using the email address registered with your comment. If my email isn’t in your inbox, please contact me: clayton@whatmenshouldsmelllike.com

    • hajusuuri says:

      Eeek, oh my! I’m so excited. Replying back to your email, Clayton. Thanks for the draw…what a wonderful way to start December!

      • What Men Should Smell Like says:

        Hi Hajusuuri,

        It is my pleasure and thanks to Puredistance. I hope you enjoy your sample!

        All the best,

  3. Gala Carlie says:

    Hi there, this is very interesting. Wish to win. :)

  4. Lean S says:

    This is wonderful. I’ve always wanted to try something from the Puredistance line, so I appreciate this chance. I follow on twitter and facebook.

  5. Subbie says:

    This sounds great. If it is truly black it could be the counterpoint to Puredistance Opardu, which I have tried.
    I need to try it!

  6. Damir says:

    Love the review. It seems Puredistance BLACK is as “must try”. I already follow Puredistance on twitter and on FB. Thank you for this giveaway!

  7. Tara says:

    I’ve love to be included in the draw. Black sounds so good.

    Many thanks!

  8. Esperanza says:

    Would love to try it. Like M a lot so we see about this. Black sounds very suited for Dutch winters !

  9. Charles G says:

    Oh how I would love to win a sample! Had the chance to smell the others in the Puredistance line at MiN the other day…

  10. ionai says:

    ooo… I would love a sample vial, although based on your description, this fragrance is probably more suited for the cooler months rather than the warmer summer days that are looming on Australia’s horizon.

    Questions: is Puredistance sold in Australian stores? I don’t think that I have seen it anywhere…

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      I have a thing for wearing woody orientals in summer. I find the humidity and heat brings out qualities you don’t get to smell in a cold climate. I’m sure BLACK works well in summer too. You can find Puredistance at http://www.peonymelbourne.com.au -Jill is fantastic and offers online and I’m pretty sure, over the phone ordering if you aren’t near Melbourne.

  11. Jarrett says:

    Please count me in! I need something exciting to help ease the coming of winter here in Hong Kong.

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      For sure! And lucky you, if you don’t get a sample, Hong Kong is filled with amazing places to shop for fragrance. I hear Penhaligons just opened in IFC Mall.

      • Jarrett says:

        Penhaligon’s seem to be making a big push in Honkers. They have new counters in both Pacific Place and IFC (which is convenient for me as I work in in the IFC). The Penhaligon’s salespeople are unusually well-informed too actually.

        • What Men Should Smell Like says:

          Cool, I am passing through in a couple of weeks so I plan to check it out. I love IFC Mall!

  12. Lyn says:

    Count me in for the drawing – I fell in love with M by Puredistance thanks to your review. Can’t wait to try the new one!

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      I’m glad to hear my writing introduced you to a new fragrant love Lyn. Good luck with the draw!

  13. Jordan River says:

    Great review Clayton. I have to say the so-called unrevealed notes have been released: the notes are released when the ‘fume warms up on skin. Not that that necessarily tells you anything. I think this to be one of the 7 wonders of modern perfumery. All I need now is the ‘test-tube’ holder which can be ordered separately. I like the duo-style; one for M and one for BLACK.

    BLACK “dances in shadows” – beautiful; here’s to shadow dancing. Chookas.

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      Thanks for the link to your review too Jordan. I enjoyed reading it and I have marked down the PD testube holder as potential Xmas gift for The Fragrant Man.

  14. hajusuuri says:

    Oooh, trying my luck here to win a free sample of Puredistance Black! Excluding Black, which I haven’t had the pleasure to try, I LOVE Opardu, M and Antonia…I am on the fence about I. The “other” Black I really enjoy wearing is Bvlgari Black!

    I already follow Puredistance via Twitter. (Facebook is pure evil so I am only there “by necessity” to sort of keep in touch with some friends and family.)

    Thanks for the draw!

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      Good luck Hajusuuri! I don’t have many prize draws since Australia Post make it so hard to get perfume in and out of the country. Thankfully Puredistance obliged to send the samples from their Netherlands HQ. Good luck with the draw, I picture BLACK being a good one for those cold New York winter days!

      • hajusuuri says:

        Brrrr…it was COLD today! I am looking forward to trying this. I may get a sample from LuckyScent from a recently placed order, but there is never a guarantee that I’ll get what I requested.

        I think the postal regulations are the pits. If perfume is really that dangerous, it would already be on the TSA prohibited list!

        • What Men Should Smell Like says:

          I agree with your view on the postal regulations. I can’t say I have ever read about a bottle of perfume causing a plane to come down…

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