Seasonal Favourites for the Australian Spring

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Of the four, spring is the season most symbolic of perfume. It is a time for new flowers, of rebirth and spring symbolises optimism for the future. Here in Sydney it is a season of contrasts, a seasonal precursor when summer begins to show signs of arrival and winter exerts its final power over the climate before retiring for another year. This spring has been unpredictable as ever and with its surrounding neighbours, Sydney has experienced everything from soaring heat and bushfires to this past weekend of cool winds and constant rain. Last month I escaped Sydney for a weekend spring break. I’m the first to admit I have not been an overly active blogger this past month; it has been a busy month with life’s other responsibilities, so for this weekend away, I deliberately put away my laptop and retreated to a small country cabin a few hours south of the city. I was in need of a recharge. Near the beach, I relaxed, caught up on some reading and surrounded by nature I contemplated three of my favourite spring fragrances. Instead of writing about them, I wanted to share them with you through photography. Using New South Wale’s South Coast as a backdrop, below is a photo essay of my three spring favourites; Hermes Eau de Mandarine Ambre, Bottega Veneta Pour Homme and Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae.

More traditional reviews of these three fragrances will follow shortly.

Boats at Huskisson Wharf

Boats at Huskisson Wharf

Duck feeding

Feeding ducks outside my cabin

Hermes, Eau de Mandarine Ambre

Spring favourite: Hermes, Eau de Mandarine Ambre

Native Kookaburra

A native Australian Kookaburra looking to be fed

Wild kangaroos

Wild kangaroos grazing outside my cabin

Spring favourite: Bottega Veneta, Pour Homme

Spring favourite: Bottega Veneta, Pour Homme

Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach – South Coast, New South Wales

Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Aqua Vitae

Spring favourite: Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Aqua Vitae

NSW’s South Coast is 3 hours drive south of Sydney. For most times of the year the beaches are uncrowded and surrounding townships like Berry and Milton are well-known for their organic bakeries and antique stores. It’s the perfect location for those wanting some quiet time away from the city.







6 Responses to “Seasonal Favourites for the Australian Spring”

  1. Catherine says:

    beautiful pix. Good that you were able to have some time off from the busy life you lead. Looking forward to your review of Aqua Vitae as I need a bit of help getting to know it. Tried Bottega Veneta for me lately and rather liked it. The edp for women is just a bit too much for me so this may be a better option, although there is also a ‘lite’ version I understand. Do you know it?

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      Thanks Catherine. Yes it is always nice to get away. I feel like a lightweight saying that given I had 2 weeks off midyear and I am 4 weeks away from another holiday. This year has certainly been a drainer! Aqua Vitae is an interesting one, I have some thoughts buzzing around my head, which I hope will come together this week when I put mind to keyboard and I write my post. BV Pour Homme seems to have gathered a cult following already, maybe not on a Terre d’Hermes scale, but it has definitely received a lot of praise on social media. I’m not too familiar with the women’s fragrances although I remember quickly smelling the EDP and thinking it was nice.

  2. John says:

    I loved the photos, Clayton. You’ve inspired me too. Today I’ll be wearing Bottega Veneta, a perfect fresh spring fragrance, even though we’re already in sticky summer here in Brisbane.

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      Great to know you were inspired John. Enjoy your “sticky” QLD day wearing BV. I do miss the humid QLD days from my time back in Cairns.

  3. Jordan River says:

    In situ reviews. Very nice. The photos are beautiful. I see you have Bottega Veneta for Men! Looking forward to your words in due course.

    • What Men Should Smell Like says:

      Cheers Jordan. Yes, Bottega Veneta Pour Homme has been on high rotation all spring for me : )

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